• The world needs leaders and managers who are inspired to take ownership to be be more effective and to drive significant outcomes

The world needs leaders and managers who are inspired to take ownership to be more effective and to drive significant outcomes.

Hi, I am Sze Meng

I believe all of us are capable of being better leaders and managers. However, the increasing demand and complexity of the business and organization can feel overwhelming at times.

I understand. Just like you, I led teams and organizations.

I can partner and support you to be a more effective leader so you can have a more significant impact on the people you lead and support.

“I feel more confident in dealing with my challenges as I discover that there is a method to synthesising and discovering the main issues I am facing.”

Stop thinking about how to be a better leader and manager.


Choose to take ownership of your responsibility and obligation to lead and manage your team as well as you can.


You may find it hard to speak to your board members and peer leaders about the challenges facing you every day. It can be isolating as you lead and manage at the senior level.


Finding a support system for you to reflect, assess and evaluate your most effective leadership skills will be one of the most important decisions you will take to be more effective.

“Your coaching provided me with a sense of focused space while also providing probing questions and change for direct feedback. Focus and space are often hard for me to find at work, and allow me to self-probe and figure out first where I truly need guidance and to discover many of the answers myself.” 

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